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Laboratory Unit

The laboratory department is characterized by the latest medical devices

The Urology and nephrology Center has a good reputation as the leading Urology and nephrology center in the Middle East in the field of kidney transplantation and Urology, which is incomparable. Therefore, we adhere to the professional spirit, commitment and quality standards in the Urology and nephrology center laboratories 


The quality and accuracy of our diagnostic tools are trustable as we have a team of professional specialists including competent physicians with the great experience and excellence in Egypt, beside best medical analyzers.

The laboratories department was established in 1982. It includes chemistry lab, hematology lab, immunology lab, pathology lab, microbiology lab, blood bank, and immunological and molecular biology lab. As well as the flowcytometry Laboratory, which is located at the main building of the center.

The laboratories department for the Outpatient clinics and Mania Samannoud branch has been established. These labs perform all tests for the patients before their admission and for outpatient clinic's patient. All laboratories staff includes 12 physicians, 56 chemists and laboratory technicians.


Head of Laboratory Unit
Prof.Hala Zyada



who are we ?

Medical and scientific center (Mansoura University - Egypt) Specialized in the treatment of kidney diseases, urology and renal bypass surgery. Established in 1983, it became one of the first and largest medical centers in the Middle East in this field.

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