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Health Awareness

Since prevention is better than cure

The Center concern is the health awareness of the patients by following the most recent international studies and researches.

As apart of the quality system the system is focusing on the education and health awareness which is working on providing the best health care for all the patient and providing the best educational and medical services.

What are the kidney transplant costs for the egyptian patient?

Since the urology and nephrology center is one of the governmental university centers, the kidney transplantation is totally free for the egyptian patient.

Since its establishment by the international surgeon prof dr/ Mohammed Ghoneim, the center was keen to do the kidney transplantation tottaly free of charge and the health insurance (for those who are covered The egyptian students and employees) or the medical committee (for the rest of the patient)pay a part of the expenses.

The kidney transplantation service include:

  • Preparation of both the donor and the patient includingmedical examination and investigation needed.
  • The kidney transplantation surgery.
  • After surgery follow up and treatment for life.

What about the donor?

The Urology and Nephrology Center is one of the governmental university hospital who follow the ethical and legal standards applied in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Therefore, the  kidney donor should be one  of the first degree relatives or the spouse for the patient and the only exeption is for medical courses which can prevent the surgery and should be documented at the hospital according to the regulations and law of the hospital and the egyptian medical syndicate.

And the exception not include:

  • Travelling of the potentiel donor.
  • Not cnvenced with the idea of donating his kidney.
  • Objection of the idea by the husband (for female donor).
  • Other non medical causes

What are the steps to start kidney transplant procedures?

  • Attendance of the patient and potential donor of the first degree relatives with personal identification and any previous tests, if any
  • Cutting the ticket for the preparation of kidney transplant for the first time in the outpatient clinic of the Center for Nephrology and Urology Mansoura University at 7 am on Saturday and Wednesday except public holidays priority attendance (limited ticketing)
  • The medical examination will be signed on the same day

What next steps?

  • The patient and the donor will be notified of what will be done later, and this may vary depending on the medical condition
  • The patient and the donor are hesitant at the outpatient clinic during the preparation period for the kidney transplant according to the doctor's instructions
  • Please be aware that preparation for kidney transplant in the center takes time varies according to each case may be preparing quickly in one month only in some cases or may be extended to 6 months or more and it can be said that the preparation usually takes about 3 months

What about renal dialysis before transplantation?
If the patient is on a pension, he or she begins the dialysis sessions. He does the usual laundry sessions outside the center.

Are there awareness booklets?
Free education pamphlets are distributed to patients visiting the center including:

  • Patient awareness booklet on kidney transplantation
  • Manuals to inform patients who have undergone kidney transplantation including dieting system, treatment

What about non-Egyptian patients?

For non-Egyptian patients, the donor must be a relative and if this is not available for medical reasons it is possible to accept a donor from outside the family. In any case, under any circumstances, the donor must be of the same nationality as the patient
For the family of different nationalities, according to the Egyptian law, it is permissible to implant between the sons of an Egyptian mother and a foreign father among them all. If the patient and the donor are the spouses, it is stipulated that the marriage is still valid and that this marriage has been at least three years As legally established to document marriage contracts

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Medical and scientific center (Mansoura University - Egypt) Specialized in the treatment of kidney diseases, urology and renal bypass surgery. Established in 1983, it became one of the first and largest medical centers in the Middle East in this field.

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