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About the training and rehabilitation in the hospital
Own staff training must be based on the needs of these training staff and take into account the functional aspirations and possibilities for their progress up the career ladder of the institution. Recognizing the importance of the hospital for rehabilitation and training big role in the development and rehabilitation of competent manpower (medical, technical and managerial) adopted the following basis:

  • The institution's plan to develop an annual program of training and rehabilitation and access distributed at all levels and for all categories.
  • Preparation courses, seminars, medical, scientific, technical, administrative and conferences related to the objectives of the hospital.
  • Participate in all training and qualifying courses inside and outside the hospital and in all fields.
  • Training and rehabilitation department would develop, follow up and monitor the implementation of training and rehabilitation programs in collaboration with other departments.
  • Academic training and rehabilitation is part of the professional development process to overcome the difficulties of working and new challenges.
  • The provision of training opportunities and academic qualification is an important element in accordance with the quality of the skills and knowledge needed to improve the mechanisms of action and achieve quality and job satisfaction.
  • Is responsible for identifying the training needs of a shared responsibility between the employee and direct charge of the hospital and actress preparation and staff development center, as a direct charge should be provided opportunities to participate in training programs and activities of all staff in accordance with the time schedule according to priorities and training needs.

Mission of Training and Rehabilitation.

  1. To provide assistance and advice to all officials and Urology and Nephrology Center staff about Opportunities and training activities and continuous professional development
  2. Organizing programs, workshops, discussions and activities related to professional development for all Employees based on the priorities and the needs of the university and the needs of different Units, Designed to improve the quality, motivate employees, and achieve job satisfaction.
  3. Identify training needs based on strategic development plans and in particular the teaching and learning Policies and quality standards and scientific research settings in cooperation with other units of the Urology and Nephrology Center according to national and International standards.
  4. Professional organizing awareness programs and assistance in the preparation and supervision of the new employees as an initial step in the Training and Continuing Education program.
  5. Development of measuring employee performance and identify training needs and methods of Evaluating the appropriate mechanisms by job classification in cooperation with the competent Authorities.
  6. Providing support and assistance to all levels responsible for the development of management and leadership skills by organizing specialized management courses Closer ties with Urology and Nephrology Center and international centers.

Principles of training and rehabilitation

Continuing Professional Development operates of the Urology and Nephrology Center.

On the leadership and management of the work to achieve the goals established for them taking advantage of the experience and using the best scientific and practical ways of flying basic principles, including:

Achieve the principle of role models

  1. Develop a spirit of cooperation and the principles and discipline
  2. The development of relations of democracy
  3. Attention to the humanitarian aspect at work
  4. Feeling among workers belonging to the hospital development
  5. Sovereign equality, justice and equitable relations opportunities, grants and training courses
  6. Use the material and moral incentives and bonuses.
  7. Work seriously and responsibly to preserve the interests of the physical and moral hospital
  8. Follow the scientific planning in the training and rehabilitation process method.
  9. Follow-up and monitoring of training and rehabilitation progress of the Urology and Nephrology Center.


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