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Pharmacy Unit

The pharmacy department has the latest types of therapeutic Medicines

About the Pharmacy unit

 The pharmacy is proud to provide all the medication services to all patients, including patients in inpatients departments, and patients in outpatients clinics and health care providers (center staff) as an integral part of the health care program for patients included in the nephrology and urology center's mission The pharmacy staff works in a coordinated and integrated way with the caregivers to improve the service given to the patients by distributing drugs cost-effectively and preventing or detecting and solving any medication-related problems

Scope of pharmacy servicesInternal Pharmacy

 Pharmaceutical care is a key factor in health care and its related services
1) Diseases treatment
2) Improve the symptoms of the diseases
3) Slowing the course of the disease
4) Disease prevention 

Services and Tasks
Pharmacy services have been organized to enable the medication therapy and other health care services to meet the needs of patient

The pharmacy administration consists of:

 Inpatient Pharmacy
 It is responsible for covering the needs of patients in all departments, including urology , nephrology , intensive care, recovery ICU, dialysis,, operations , laparoscopy, E.S.W.L, laboratories, radiology, special units such as chemotherapy
The inpatient pharmacy divided into:
1): inpatients pharmacy:
Which is responsible for the dispensing of medication for patients in various inpatient departments, whether nephrology, urology or renal transplant patients
Consists of three sections:
• Section for vials and ampoules
• Section y for tablets and capsules
• Section for medical supplies
  These three sections provide the required medication 24/7
There are also stores for the pharmacy which include:
1) Main medication Store:
It is the main store responsible for the financial tenders and communication with companies to provide different medications needed for the center within reasonable time and price
2) Medical supplies stores:
This store is responsible for providing the medical supplies for the center departments, including medical supplies for surgeries and hemodialysis unit
Purchasing section:
 This section provides all kinds of medication (which is not available at the center) for inpatients by contracting with an outside pharmacy the inpatient pharmacy of the center is working 24/7 and during the official holidays through rotatory shifts according to work needs
Pharmacists in the inpatient pharmacy perform the following tasks:
• Daily medication dispensing for each patient, writing the patient's name, number, section, name of medication, concentration, method of administration, number of doses and expiry date.
• Place the red sticker on the high alert medication and green sticker on the look alike and sound alike medications and ensure that these items have been reviewed and double checked.
• Review the medication orders on the computer and write orders for dispensing medications from stores
• The monthly inventory and checking the expiry dates
• Monthly checking on the emergency stock of medication in various center departments

Outpatient pharmacy:
The pharmacy is responsible for dispensing treatment to patient in the outpatient clinics where the pharmacy serves the following categories:
1) Renal transplant patients
2) Hemodialysis patient
3) Urology patient
4) Oncology patient


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