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Since the establishment of the Nephrology and Urology center - Mansoura University, an administrative structure has been done according to the international standards for medical facilities, to be an advanced international medical center in the field of Urology, Kidney Transplantation and its Diseases. Even with changing of the administration managers this administrative structure was valid all the time due to its effectiveness with taking into consideration the new updates in all the specialties inside the work system in the center:

  1. Prof.  Bassem Salah Wadihas Director of the Center
  2. Prof. Ayman Fathi Refaie as vice Director of the Center
  3. Prof. Ahmed Refat Elnahas as  Head of the outpatient clinic
  4.  Mr. Mohamed Kiwan as Secretary General of the Center
  5.  Mr. Hussein Abdul Aziz is an administrator of the outpatient clinics
  6.  Mr.Mohamed Mohssen Administrator of Samannoud branch
  7.  Mr. Hisham Arafat Director of Administrative Affairs department
  8.  Mr. Heseen Farah Director of human resources department
  9.  Mr.Wagdy Elbelgahy Director of Financial Affairs department
  10.  Eng.Elsaied Hamza is Director of Engineering management Department
  11.  Mr. Atef Abdul Aziz Director of Stores
  12.  Mr. Tarek esmaiel Director of gardens department
  13.  Mr. Osama Lotfy as director of security department
  14. Mrs. Dalal Zaky Director of the hospitality department
  15. Mr.Ekramy Taki Eldein Director of Public relations department
  16. Mr. Hilal Hussein Qassem - Director of Legal Affairs department
  17. Prof. Hala Zeiada as Director of the Laboratory department
  18. Dr. Abeer Hossein Director of the Pharmacy department
  19. Mrs. Iman Mahmoud, Director of Nursing department
  20. Mr. Amgad Abo elnaga as Director of Nutrition department
  21. Dr. Ahmed Samy Director of Research department


Dr, Abou El-Ghar and .Dr. Ayman F. Refaie are deputy director not vice director

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who are we ?

Medical and scientific center (Mansoura University - Egypt) Specialized in the treatment of kidney diseases, urology and renal bypass surgery. Established in 1983, it became one of the first and largest medical centers in the Middle East in this field.

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