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The center was established as a result of the sincere efforts and generosity offered by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ghoneim (Director of the former center and its founder) and the professors of the Department of Urology Surgery at Mansoura University.

Urology and Nephrology Center-Mansoura University is one of the first and largest medical and scientific centers in the Middle East specialized in the treatment of kidney diseases, Urology surgery and kidney transplant surgery.
The center was established as a result of the sincere efforts and generosity offered by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ghoneim (Director of the former center and its founder) and the professors of the Department of Urology Surgery at Mansoura University. The beginning of its establishment dates back to 1977. The visit of the late President Anwar Sadat to Mansoura City In the Faculty of Medicine, and to find out what has achieved this section of scientific and global achievements, which led him to recommend the establishment of this center as an Egyptian and civilized project moves in Egypt on the global prospects.

The Center was established as a unit of a special nature which has its technical, financial and administrative independence by the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities on 8/8/1981. The President of the Republic, President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak officially opened in May 1983 since then. The Center provides its distinguished treatment services to all citizens of Egypt. He receives patients from the Arab and African countries. This center is one of the first specialized specialized health institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which combines the performance of services in one place by adopting the philosophy of integration among the various activities that are carried out, namely health, therapeutic, research, educational and training services.

"The new horizon"
       Building F … 

 A 40-million LE worth extension was officially opened in 1998. Dr. Ghoneim comments "We needed extra beds, we also needed new activities." And this was what the urology department got. Extra 40 beds, new ESWL unit, urodynamic laboratory with video facility, MRI, andrology and prostate imaging room were new additions. A small nevertheless elegant executive meeting room was dedicated for the Board of Directors of the hospital. The design, made by a famous Dutch company is the "Diamond of the Crown" for the whole hospital.

          At the dawn of 2003, a 6-year old project was born. The new 'Patient Information System' which is carried on a fibre optic local network. A very welcome party for the whole-digital new century. Dr. Ghoneim describes the network as "a step further … that would cut short the expenses of the papers, files and x-rays".

          Steps further? A polyclinic at Gehan street, which started working few years ago and remains still a subject of potential extension. Another example is Minyet Samanoud hospital. This is another example of public enthusiasm and awareness. The people and business men from Mansoura and neighboring towns have provided land and money for the construction of a miniature of the urology center in Minyet Samanoud. Hemodialysis activity has started there and soon other activities will follow.

          Since March 2002, Mohamed Ghoneim officially retired. Mrs. Ghoneim says "He is a private person … he really appreciated getting away from administration. I am very happy that he is happy. He is doing things that he likes; he has more time for his family and his hobbies"

After a trip in urology that took him over 30 years, he made a concise concluding remarks "For projects like this center, a legislative foundation is very important to keep independence and integrity for such a body"

Outpatient Clinics

The Outpatient Complex of the Center for Nephrology and Urology - Mansoura University was inaugurated in 2009 and since that date, the building has provided services to patients in the Republic.

The building includes clinics for kidney and urinary patients. It provides all the services needed by patients with radiation and analysis. It also contains a dynamic urination unit and a special unit for prostate diseases.

Samannoud Branch

It is a subsidiary hospital of the center in the center of Minne Samanod Center Aga province Dakahlia has been designed and prepared and equipped in line with the level and form of civilization, which is characterized by the main center. It was opened by the Prime Minister in May 2003.

It consists of four floors with an area of ​​850 square meters, in addition to 1300 meters flat for the internal streets and green areas (gardens) and includes a suite of operations including two rooms for surgical operations, a hall to accommodate four families equipped, a central care department, a central sterilization hall and a second wing for dialysis Contains nine dialysis units.

In addition to the internal departments of the patients, which contain twenty-eight beds and the external clinic consisting of four rooms for the examination of patients, and the sections of laboratories, pharmaceutical and diagnostic rays, and so on to the departments of auxiliary services (water station and treatment plant, kitchens, laundries, generators and sewage station).



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Medical and scientific center (Mansoura University - Egypt) Specialized in the treatment of kidney diseases, urology and renal bypass surgery. Established in 1983, it became one of the first and largest medical centers in the Middle East in this field.

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