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Procedures for admission of patients to the department

  1. Patient recieving.
  2. The admission papers of the patient is received by the assigned nurse.
  3. ThePatient identification band is put around the patient wrist by the nurseThe patient is taken to his room and get an quick orientation about his room by the nurse..
  4. The patient is taken to his room and get quick orientation about his room by the nurse.
  5. The patient file is prepared with the treatment sheet.
  6. The specialist is called by the nurse.
  7. A full history taking, patient examination and patient assessment is done by the specialist.
  8. Taking and recording the vital signs is done by the nurse.
  9. Any abnormalitie in the vital signs should be reported to the specialist.
  10. Any laboratorie and radiology reports should be attached to the patient file.
  11. Lab and radiology requests done electronically by the nurse and the specimenes are sent to the lap and the patient is sent to radiology department with the nurse.
  12. Lab and radiology results are sent from laboratories department and radiology electronically on the patient information system.
  13. In case the patient may need blood transfusion during his surgery, blood request is done electronically on the PIS by the nurse with sending a patient specimen for blood grouping and crossmatch to the blood ban.
  14. The nurse makes sure that the is available bloode for the patient with double check the information on the blood bag.
  15. In case of ECC requested by the specialist, the ECG report should be attached to the patient file.
  16. ThePatient is seeing by the anathesiologist for preoperative assessment .
  17. Surgical concent is signed by the patient or one of his relatives.
  18. In case of nephrectomy/ renal transplantation another concent is sjgned by both the donor and the recipient.
  19. The site of surgery is prepared by the nurse according to the instruction.
  20. The surgery special clothes is given to the patient (surgical gown, overhead, overshoes, elastic socks for major and long surgery).
  21. The patients hould take a shower and wear the surery special clothes.
  22. Jewelry, dentures, eye contact lenses, nail polish and hair pins should be taken of befor the surgery.
  23. The patient must be fasting, otherwise the specialist should be notified and the surgery be postponed.
  24. Trolley is prepared by the nurse to transport the patient to the theater.
  25. preoperative medication is given to the patient according to the instruction given to the nurse.
  26. At the time of the surgery the nurse recived a phone call from the operation room to transport the patient.
  27. The patient is put on the trolley by the nurse.
  28. The elevator is called by the nurse to transport the patient to the operation room.
  29. The patient is accompinied by the nurse with his file wich include: pre operative steps done - the surgery concent - all the investigation reports done to the patient - all radiological reports don to the patient.
  30. The operation room nurse recived the patient with his file.
  31. The operation room nurse double check the patient information in his file.
  32. In case there is a need for blood transfusion during the surgery the operation room calls the nurse in the floor to deliver the blood.
  33. The operation room secretary goes to the blood bank to bring the blood. 
  34. After the surgery, the recovery room nurse calls the floor's nurse.
  35. If the patient will transfer to the ICU, the floor's nurse send the personal belongings of the patient to the ICU.
  36. If the patient will transfer to the floor, the nurse calls the elevator to transfer the patient.
  37. The floor's nurse recieves the patient.
  38. The floor's nurse double check: the consiousness level of the patient, the urinary catheter, the ryle's tube, chest tube, CVP catheter and the drain tube.
  39. The nurse check the patient file: the radiology and the lab reports, the surgical report, the medication sheet and the after surgery medication sheet. 
  40. The operation room secretsry send the specimen to the pathology lab and keeps the lab request at the patient file.
  41. The patient is transfered to his bed and is put at the position required accordng to the instructions given.
  42. The nurse check the tubes connected to the patient and makes sure no bleeding. 
  43. Patient's vital signes is checked by the nurse every 15 minutes for the first two hourse after the surgery, every 30 minutes for the second two hours after the surgery every hour for 4 hours and every 4 hour after that and record it in the patient's file.
  44. The nurse observe the patients : conciousness level, color, his movement, the catheter and records it in the patient's file.
  45. The nurse requests the medication from the pharmacy.
  46. If the pharmacy is closed the nurse brings the medication from the emergency stockm then the stock should be setteled after that.
  47. Infection control instruction should be followed in every stepdealing with the patient.
  48. The floor nurse should follow the physician instruction regarding post operation investigation and radiology.
  49. The floor nurse should take a blood sample and send alab request for the lab investigation reyleased by the physician, and send aradiology request according to the physician order.
  50. The floor nurse  should record the medication and the fluid taken by the patient.
  51. The floor nurse should recordthe fluid chart for the patient.
  52. The floor nurse should record the general nurse note and inform the physician incase of any abnormalitics.
  53. The floor nurse should record the consumalle in tjhe patient's file.


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