One of the important departments of the urology & nephrology center , started working with the official opening of the center in 1983.

The aim of the animal research facility was to achieve the following goals :

  • Afford a suitable place for researchers to accomplish their researches .
  • International training courses are held to train doctors for all over the world on the latest progress in the field of urology & nephrology.
  • Doctors accomplish their practical part of scientific thesis (masters – MD) in the animal research facility.
  • Summer training of medical students.

The animal research facility (ARF) compromises :
A highly equipped operation theater suitable for different experimental surgical procedures, together with a sterilization unit , a kitchen for preparing meals for experimental animals & finally a laboratory unit ( tissue culture lab. , molecular biology lab.).
Staff members of the animal research facility :
A number of highly trained veterinarians, assisted by nurses , together with a secretary & workers.

(Head of dept. /Consultant of vet. Surgery)

Prof.Mahmoud Gabr ( Acting director).