Formation of the Directors Board of  Urology and Urology  Center  for two years from 19/11/2016 as follows:

Prof.. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine as President
Prof.  Mohamed Ahmed Ghoneim - Professor of Urology as a member
Prof. Bassem Salah saleh Wadie - Professor of Urology and Director of the Center
Prof. Ayman Fathy Refaie, Professor of Nephrology and Deputy Director of the Center
Prof. Mohamed Abu El-Ghar - Diagnostic Radiology Consultant and Deputy Director of the Center
Prof. Mohamed El-Sayed Dawaba - Professor and Head of Urology Department
Prof. Ahmed Mesbah Mohamed Osman - Professor of Urology
Prof. Badir Ali El-Din El-Baz - Professor of Urology
Prof. Yasser Mohamed Othman Shaheen - Professor of Urology Member
Dr. Ahmed Sobhy El Sayed El Hefnawi - Assistant Professor of Urology Member
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Haraz - Lecturer of Urology Member
Prof. General director of Mansoura University Hospitals Member
Prof. Ahmed Abdel-Raouf El-Jaidi, Director of the Gastroenterology Center
Prof. Mohamed Abdel Fattah Hegazy - Director of Oncology Center
Prof. Ayman Fathy Refae- Professor and Head of Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation Unit
Prof. Ahmed Farouk Hassan Mohamed Dunya - Associate Consultant in the Center
Mr. Mohammed Abd-Elsalam Kewan - General Secretary of the Center
Ms. Iman Mahmoud El Sayed - Head of Nursing department of the Center
Prof. Hossam Mostafa Gad - Head of Radiology department, Member
Prof. Essam Abdel Moneim El Sawy - Head of Laboratory Department
Pharmaceutical. Hala Sabry Shaaban - Head of the Pharmacy department